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Luminary Arts

Luminary Arts is a young production company formed by freelancers with over 50 years of collective experience working in the media, entertainment, education and videography industries.

The company has a strong focus on educating, entertaining, and enlightening audiences, and supporting artists in achieving these goals. While new on the scene, Luminary Arts has already begun assisting the community through a series of initiatives.

Projects in development

Early Career Initiative


This inititave aims to support early career directors and producers by facilitating and supporting them in the creation of a series of short films.

Communicating Disability


Communicating Disability is a documentary focused on improving our vocabulary, knowledge and understanding of psychological disability.

Be Aware, Take Care

(TV comedy)

Be Aware, Take Care is a science fiction comedy that satires science fiction themes and tropes, while providing social commentary.

More about us

Managing Director

Aaron Wakem

Aaron Wakem is an experienced freelancer who has been working since 2008. He has worked on film projects from small independent films to big budget Hollywood and Bollywood films. He has also worked as a videographer with clients including the Australian Army, the Gold Coast Titans, the Cancer Council Australia, and Riviera. He has worked a variety of roles, and is an experienced producer, director, editor and camera operator. He has also years of experience teaching design and video production at the University of Queensland

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